Tk Jiang Brings in Futuristic Digital Magic to Corporate Events

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TK Jiang is a multi-award-winning Singapore illusionist hosting digital magic entertainment shows throughout the Asia Pacific. With a lifelong magic learning experience, he is dedicated to modernising the art of magic using state-of-the-art technology features. TK is a fun, charming and bright magician in Singapore aiming to entertain the audience with his unique vision of digital magic. During the magic shows, he is capable of switching from English to Mandarin effortlessly. That’s why TK is the sought-after illusionist in Singapore for corporate events playing to both English and Mandarin-speaking audiences. His entertainment shows are perfect for events with a futuristic digital theme and for companies looking to represent a modern feel for their guests.

TK Jiang offers a comprehensive range of magic show packages like Hybrid Digital Illusion Show, Virtual Digital Illusion Show, Specialty Digital Stage Illusion Show, Digital iPad Magic Show, Opening Digital Light and Laser Act, etc. Hybrid Digital Magic Show is intended to deliver live entertainment solutions for hybrid events for both online and offline audiences. The Virtual Digital Illusion Show is specifically for live corporate entertainment for virtual events worldwide. Your guests will get an opportunity to enjoy TK Jiang’s award-winning corporate magic shows in the comfort of their homes and office without any hindrance. The Specialty Digital Stage Illusion Show, TK blurs the line between the real and virtual world. TK Jiang makes the audience experiences the connection between the digital world and physical senses in an unprecedented way. The Digital iPad Magic Show keeps up with the digitalisation trend by using digital gadgets like iPads, tablets and smartphones to bring modern magic to the digital medium. The Opening Digital Light and Laser Act is a five-minute duo act involving digital projection technology to duplicate him in the digital world.

“TK Jiang’s original digital magic show has been awarded with Champion and People’s Choice awards in one of the largest and fairest national magic competitions organised by the prestigious magic association – International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was also awarded as Singapore’s first and only Golden Buzzer on a popular international reality TV show – Asia’s Got Talent. He is the first ever illusionist in Singapore who has made it ever to the next round of the show. For more information about digital entertainment shows, please contact TK Jiang today”, says a spokesperson for TK Jiang.

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TK Jiang is a professional digital corporate magician in Singapore offering bilingual award-winning digital magic shows. His magic shows aim to entertain both virtual and physical audiences as best as possible. For more information about his magic show packages, please visit the website today at

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