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The roles of a security guard may differ across industries. However, a significant part of their work is related to patrolling, inspection, prevention, and reporting. If your security team is busy with their endless to-do list, fails to find the issues or incidents, and feels frustrating, then Deggy Guard Tour Solution has the answer to such situations. They offer the most advanced yet reliable AI-based guard tour software that keeps the guards engaged in their work. They are the industry leader in providing the most up-to-date guard tour software solutions for operations centres, commercial buildings, corporate headquarters, sports venues, and public entertainment venues. In addition, you can use their product to automate your security processes & operations. They not only provide comprehensive guard tour software but have a fully experienced technical support team that offers on-site training and commissioning.

Deggy Guard Tour Solution offers guard tour software solutions for communication, reporting, maintenance management, security, tracking, inspections, and lost & found. Their guard tour software ensures that your team can document their location, identify issues immediately, and report things in real-time. Using their guard tour software, you can increase your security, creating random routes even where the patrols are not predictable. Diggy’s guard Tour software ensures that your guards will be punctual and eliminates the problem of guard proxy since the system cannot be tampered with. It helps the security managers accomplish multiple tasks such as quickly scheduling duties, monitoring guards live, viewing reports in real-time, and so on. 

A few words from Deggy Guard Tour Solution. “We develop market-leading guard tour software & solutions for service contractors with distributed workforces! We’ve been innovators in the guard tour management space for more than 35 years. We solve customer problems and build effective guard tour software & solutions for our clients. From our complete enterprise holistic guard tour system to guard tour plans, our industry-specific guard tour software reduces risk and costs. We help our clients and drive them towards efficiency, profitability, and growth. We work with a mission of helping our customers do more and empowering them through efficiency-enhancing technology. We work with clients in the security, health, retail, recreational, educational, manufacturing, local government, and facilities management industries. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that are built with the most up-to-date technologies and backed up by excellent customer service. We work together to achieve daily and long-term goals by adhering to three basic values: clients first, accountability, and do more and more! Our skilled staff is dedicated to creating a user-friendly and effective solution that assists our clients in overcoming obstacles. We are dedicated to offering the best possible customer service. Our policy is to provide all of our clients with the best and most cost-effective solution for their needs. Call us anytime and one of our representatives will be pleased to discuss your individual needs and recommend the best guard tour software for you.”  

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Deggy Guard Tour Solution is a well-known company in the security field, offering the highest-quality security guard monitoring equipment, maintenance, and support. They deliver exceptional service and performance as they deal with leading companies in the security industry.

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