HKA Data Offers Custom Data Management Solution for Nonprofit Donation

HKA Data Processing Corporation, a private data management company in Markham that offers affordable and custom data management services for nonprofit donation.

Take a few minutes to think of all the ways donations channel into your nonprofit organization. Possibilities are, you are collecting donations both offline and online at fundraising events, through peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, website’s donation page and so forth. A donor may drop off a check at your organization one day, and the next, you receive an online transfer into the PayPal account of your institution. It is so much to deal with. And those donations are just the tip of the iceberg, particularly if you are looking to expand the base of your donor in the looming years.

Whether you are running a small nonprofit with an operational budget or you are raising millions annually, it is critical to know how much money you are, for a lack of a better term, “working with.” An excellent way to keep your donation info up-to-date and help keep you well-balanced while dealing with all those cumbersome transactions, is to make use of donation management services.

“While trying to manage donations for your nonprofit if you’ve overwhelmed by chaotic spreadsheets, toggling between applications, or tripping over complicated and unwanted features that are not worth paying for, then it’s time to using donation management services by professionals. HKA Data has processed thousands of donation pledge forms that have been filled in by hand. They have pooled together the latest in best practices for donor engagement & retention to form a simple donor management solution that aids nonprofits to reduce donor attrition & increase efficiency in donation management. HKA Data provides a range of fully integrated programs for each type of eCheck & credit card processing, including one-time gifts, automatic collection of pre authorized recurring pledge payments and online payments. Their goal is to offer the ideal donor management service for fundraising, special events and more.

About the company:

Located in Markham, Ontario, HKA Data Processing Corporation is a private corporation that has been offering custom data management services to several sectors since 1983.

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