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The Princess & The Platypus Foundation Presents The Princess Diana Museum

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation, a charitable organization founded in honor of the late Princess Diana, is proud to present the The Princess Diana Museum. The museum is a 3D interactive experience that focuses on the life of Diana, from her early childhood through her teenage years until her tragic death. This museum is […]

Roland Klein – in The Princess Diana Museum

You must have heard of the famous museum having a very large collection of Princess Diana, right? So, have you visited the museum? No? Then, don’t worry, you can now explore the museum from your comfort zone, from anywhere in the world. With online access, you can go through the museum virtually. There will also […]

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation Presents 24/7 Online Access To The Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum

Born on July 1st, 1961 and died on 31st August, 1997, Princess Diana was an international style icon of the 1980s. Her looks & her life were the reflection of consistent work she did on herself as well as the development of her personality. As she matured, she became more attractive. She was indeed the […]

Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum – Experience the Aura Of The People’s Princess Virtually

Princess Diana was a charmer and everyone was charmed by her persona and her kind-heartedness. That is the reason why she was known as “The People’s Princess.” She treated everyone equally. Her untimely death shattered many hearts. But her charm and elegance is still alive with her memories and her preserved belongings. The Princess Diana […]

The Princess & the Platypus Foundation Presents “The Princess Diana Museum Virtual Tour” – An Experience Not To Miss!

The first and only of its kind, The Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum is affordable and accessible online 24/7 to all with no special technical knowledge required. The virtual museum was launched in the year 2019 on the 22nd death anniversary of Princess Diana by The Princess and The Platypus Foundation. The museum virtual tour will […]

Enter The World of the People’s Princess through the Princess Diana Museum Online

From the very moment it was announced that she’d be marrying Charles, the Prince of Wales, Diana discovered herself in the limelight by becoming part of the Royal Family. During the years from her engagement to Charles until her premature demise, Diana managed to win numerous fans & admirers. Her loss was deeply grieved by […]

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation Presents the Princess Diana Museum Tour

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is the public charity that presents a unique opportunity to enthusiasts worldwide with an internet connection, a laptop and /or desktop computer to get instant access to the world of Princess Diana on The Princess Diana Museum online, a 3D virtual masterpiece. The Princess & The Platypus Foundation, takes […]