Enter The World of the People’s Princess through the Princess Diana Museum Online

From the very moment it was announced that she’d be marrying Charles, the Prince of Wales, Diana discovered herself in the limelight by becoming part of the Royal Family. During the years from her engagement to Charles until her premature demise, Diana managed to win numerous fans & admirers. Her loss was deeply grieved by people across the globe who felt as though they had loss a precious friend, even though many years have passed since her demise, Princess Diana still has an influence & impact through the Princess Diana charity work programs.

The Princess and The Platypus Foundation presents the Princess Diana Museum which is an online platform that lets you enter the world of Princess Diana no matter wherever you are in the world. Here you get to see more than 1,700 of Diana’s most iconic, meticulously curated, personal and historical items displayed in a 3D interactive environment that span Diana’s lifetime from early infancy through her teenage years, until her sad demise representing her amazing life and inheritance.

“The Princess Diana Museum is the first & only of its kind, reasonably priced and accessible 24/7 to all with no special technical knowledge needed. The Princess’s historical items have been snapped in high resolution 2D and 3D employing the newest techniques in photography & virtual reality letting visitors to witness these splendid iconic pieces up close from the comfort of their living room, no matter in which corner of the world they live. A virtual avatar guides you through 14 galleries displaying never seen before clothing & historical items from Diana’s infancy, and throughout her lifetime, accompanied by so much meticulously curated info. You also get to listen to exclusive personal interviews with many of the individuals & artists linked to the historical items that are on display in the museum” said a spokesperson for the Princess and The Platypus Foundation.

The Princess Diana Museum and The Princess & The Platypus Foundation are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity whose mission is to fundraise in order to acquire, loan, maintain, preserve, educate and display to the public items of historical & cultural interest connecting to Diana, Princess of Wales, and to give back to other charities in her honour.

Thank you for your in kind contribution to this labor of love.

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