To Enjoy Ecotourism in Odisha It Is Wise to Depend On OD Travels

Ecotourism Odisha

Odisha has made its place on the wish list of nature lovers not only in India but all over the world. There are various ecotourism sites where you can be to enjoy nature in its purest sense. As with other forms of tourist visits, for ecotourism in Odishait is wise to depend on a travel agency. The first name that comes in the rundown of travel agencies in Odisha having specialization in organising eco-tours is OD Travels. They have the specialization, the desire and the ability to organize such tours.

You name an ecotourism site in Odisha and you will notice that OD Travels has its presence there. They arrange for the best transportation, accommodation and service of local guides. However, their speciality is not only for these aspects. Various other features make them stand apart from the others organizing eco-tours in Odisha.

They limit the number of tourists on each trip to maintain the integrity and vitality of the site. This maintenance of integrity and vitality ensures that the site has the features to draw tourists for years to come. They never allow using materials which are hazardous to nature like plastic bottles. They encourage the use of renewable energy and will book such resorts where there is the use of such energy rather than fossil fuels.

One of the spokespersons of OD Travels said, “We include local residents as guides in our eco-tours. This ensures their economic development and at the same time helps our guests to have first-hand experience from those who live near the ecotourism sites. We encourage residents to learn the secret of the trade so they can be able guides. Involving locals also proves helpful as our guests can visit their villages and know about their way of life and their cultural heritage.”

They not only think about how to make a profit from the eco-tours, but they also plan the tours in such a manner that the local areas can enjoy maximum economic benefits. This in a way turns out the way to maintain the ecotourism sites as that restricts poaching and unwanted cutting of forest. So, OD Travels in a way acts as a collaborator encouraging the growth and development of the entire region.

Their ecotours are ideal to have environmental education. You can learn about the various flora and fauna. It is also the ideal way to have a close encounter with the wildlife present at the sites. You can expect to enjoy trekking to birding, from sightseeing to boating in the lap of nature. It will be a real experience when you are part of their eco-tours. You can really understand the natural diversity of the state of Odisha. 

About OD Travels 

OD Travels is a reputed travel agency in Odisha that you can depend on to have the best experience during any tour. They have the ability and desire to organize the best of ecotours. Call them at 9583 – 620 – 350 to know more about their ecotourism in Odisha