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Branding or advertising is not limited to papers, boards, or others. Wall branding is one of the very efficient ways of branding. Tell your customers about your brand or business objective in a colorful and creative way by wall branding.

Wall Branding Company Kenya: Looking for wall branding in Kenya? You have found the right advertising agency to help advertise your new product or brand. We are a professional advertising agency in Kenya and we have been operating for years. Till now, we have done advertising and branding for many enterprises and businesses both small and large. Aquila East Africa has experts to make creative planning and execution. We first discuss to know a business or company’s branding or advertising requirements, this helps us to offer a clear outstanding solution.

Wall branding at Aquila East Africa is customizable. We can serve you wall graphics in countless colors, shapes, and designs.

This type of branding includes vinyl graphics to apply on walls prepared for wall branding purposes.

Creativity attracts all hence graphics that are fun and unique can attract both customers’ eyes and attention. This branding is considered best because of certain factors like –

  • Durable: Wall coverings last for a longer time
  • Removable: You have already done a wall covering but want to change it for a new design? The graphics can easily be removed. The best part is the reusable factor of the graphics.
  • Creative: Wall branding is a creative solution to promote business. Instead of painting, or using the usual wallpaper, it is wise to choose wall graphics.
  • Easy cleaning: The dirt or dust can just simply be wiped off with a wet cloth.

So, choose wall branding to attract employees and customers.

This branding will bring you results that you’ve never thought of. To stay competitive, wall graphics are an easy and advanced way to advertise your business. The wall graphics can be applied to any surface be it wood, glass, metal, plastic, painted surface, or any other.

So, choose wall graphics for greater exposure to your brand.

Aquila East Africa is tried and tested. We choose the best solution for your business hence nothing to worry about. Discuss with us your requirements and we will be ready with the highest standard of branding.

Promote your brand or company with us. We would be delighted to serve.

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