You must have heard of the famous museum having a very large collection of Princess Diana, right? So, have you visited the museum? No? Then, don’t worry, you can now explore the museum from your comfort zone, from anywhere in the world. With online access, you can go through the museum virtually. There will also be a tour guide to guide you through the museum galleries. There is access available for purchase for a day, a week, a month and 3 months. Every item in the museum is displayed using advanced technology. You can even share feedback or can share experiences with other museum visitors as well through a chat option available. There are over 1,800 pieces, every piece is carefully curated.

Inside Princess Diana Museum you will find a virtual avatar guiding you in English or Spanish through 14 galleries of the museum.

  • There will also be a live location map
  • A virtual avatar will guide you through the museum galleries in English or Spanish, highlighting items of interest
  • For connecting you with other museum guests there will be a community audio or video chat.
  • There will be personal interviews to listen to.
  • There will be iconic gowns displayed.

You can visit the museum from your PC or MAC desktop with an internet connection, no lines no wait. The items are displayed in 2D & 3D. The latest techniques in photogramme try and VR are used to create a remarkable experience.

We hope to unite people around the world, activating their desire to give back, helping others in the community expecting nothing in return.

Contact us if you wish to know anything or if you have some story to share, we would love to hear about you.

Roland Klein: The museum has interviews with many artists and individuals. Roland Klein is one of them. You can hear the exclusive interview at The Princess Diana Museum.

Feel free to contact us if you have personal items or mementos to donate or sell so that we can preserve them in the museum.

Buy access to the museum today and for any period you would want to visit. We hope to unite people throughout the entire world through this museum visit.

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