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Are you on vacation in Italy? Want to make your vacation last longer? Then, cycling holidays and bike tours promise optimal exposure to picturesque landscapes. Holidays & Bike is a local tour operator dealing in cycling holidays and bike tours in and around Sicily, Piedmont, Sicily, Lake Como and Apline Pass of Valtellina! It is perhaps the best way to explore even the remotest areas of the city. With them, you are in good hands! It has a great range of top-quality road bikes with tandems for monthly, weekly or daily rentals along with Hybrid cycles. They offer selected hotels that can guarantee excellent quality from every point of view. If you wish to enjoy exploring the world on two wheels, Holidays & Bike can turn your experience with us into a long-lasting memory.

Their hight quality cycles come with accessories such as helmets and every kind of pedals for the convenience and comfort of riders and travellers. To ensure more perfection in the cycling holidays and bike tours, Holidays & Bike also arranges training rides for tourists throughout the year. Using its rental options, anyone can now easily start on the beautiful biking trails in and around Sicily, Piedmont, Lake Como & Valtellina and excellent outdoors in peace and seclusion.

Such places in Italy are regarded as one of the most attractive destinations for biking and sightseeing on earth. It offers a large number of cultural attractions, spectacular mountain views, and eternal adventure activities. Hence it attracts travellers for cycling holidays and bike tours around the year. Holidays & Bike will bring the best cycling holidays and bike tour packages to help keep up their biking spirit and pleasure along the route. It allows them a fantastic view of the city away from urban crowds and road traffic. These comprehensive packages they offer allow you to capture the city at its best.

“Some of the world’s top destinations for cycling holidays and bike tours are found in the cities of Sicily, Piedmont, the Isle of the Sun, Lake Como, and Valtellina in Italy. Our cycling holidays and bike tours come with the best cycles, accessories, lodging, bike transportation, and several other options to promote the passion of mountain bikers. We have the best rental options for tourists to explore various biking routes and enjoy the fantastic outdoors. Our cycle rentals are maintained to the best standard for your safety and convenience. No matter how young or old you are in biking, we commit to having the best cycling holidays and bike tour packages for you. We are in a country where food is considered an art, and therefore you can taste the best that Italy has to offer. To find out the best package matching your travel needs, check out our website at For a pleasant experience you can approach us anytime.” said a spokesperson of Holidays & Bike.

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Holidays & Bike is a licensed and experienced tour operator offering exceptional quality cycling holidays and bike tours at the best price. They strive to meet the standard of thrill and passion of adventure travellers. with the most suitable package, they will surely make your biking experience a lifetime memory.

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