ODCAR Arranges For the Best Puri Sightseeing Car Rental

Puri Sightseeing Car Rental

If you wish to have comfortable, safe, and affordable sightseeing in Puri, it is wise to have a Puri car rental from ODCAR.

There are many travel agencies in Bhubaneswar, making it possible to rent a car for sightseeing in Puri. However, ODCAR stands ahead of all of those due to obvious reasons.

If we look at some reasons, you will also consider having a Puri sightseeing car rental from them.

One of the foremost reasons to have car rental from them is the ease of booking. One needs to be at their app to book a Bhubaneswar car rental. It is possible to schedule the pickup and set the date, time, and place of pick-up using the app. You can get instant confirmation of the booking. It is also possible to pay for the trip at the time of the booking.

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One of the spokespersons of ODCAR said, “We do not charge exorbitant charges to offer professional Puri car rental. It is possible to pay the charges at the time of booking or if you wish at the end of the trip. Irrespective of the time of payment, you pay the same charge. There are no hidden charges to astonish you at the end of the trip.”

Another significant aspect vacationers love to have a taxi service in Puri from a reputed travel agency is the possibility of having the services of professional drivers. It is possible to hire a taxi from other travel agency than ODCAR, but there is no assurance that their drivers will be professional and courteous. All the drivers of ODCAR are professionals and have the training to drive safely. They will be helping you with your luggage and go safely to places of tourist interest in and around Puri. When at a particular place, they can be your guide in explaining the importance of the place.

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Traveling at your own pace is also possible when you have a car rental in Puri from ODCAR. You can schedule the trip according to your convenience and stay at a place as long as you desire. Such is not possible when you travel on public transport.

All the taxis of ODCAR are well-maintained, and there will not be any possibility of getting delayed due to mechanical failure. They take proper care to clean and sanitize the taxis after each trip. They follow all COVID-19 safety norms as set by the government. They have a ready supply of masks and hand sanitizer in the cars, which passengers can use.

Punctuality is another aspect that all vacationers love to have. Therefore, the drivers of ODCAR ensure they arrive earlier than the scheduled time, so their guests do not have to wait.


ODCAR is a reputed travel agency in Bhubaneswar and makes it possible to hire a taxi for sightseeing and to fulfill other travel needs. They are open 24/7, and you can call them whenever you require to hire a taxi. Call them at 8260055345 to hire a cab.

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