sundarban tour 2 night 3 days package

If you desire to have the best experience during the Sundarban jungle safari, it is wise to be with OD Travels. They are a professional tour operator and organize a well-planned Sunderban wildlife tour.

The universal importance of Sundarban due to its natural habitat of Royal Bengal tigers, river dolphins, and estuarine crocodiles has made it a tourist spot often visited by adventure and excitement-loving vacations. With this in mind, OD Travels has developed a well-planned Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days package. So, if you are with them, you can expect to have an adventurous tour of Sunderban while having comfort, safety and affordability.

They will arrange for your comfortable transportation on AC vehicles from Kolkata to Sundarban Godkhali. Though the drive will be 3 and half hours, you will not feel strained or stressed. During your journey, they will serve breakfast and coffee. They think that offering comfort to their guests is their priority and hence you can expect the best services from them.

One of the spokespersons of OD Travels said, “We arrange for best accommodation during Sundarban jungle safari. We will arrange for your stay in a safe and comfortable cottage on the bank of Gomor river. It will not be possible to have access to all modern amenities in such remote location; however, we will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe stay at the cottage. It will be possible for you choose between AC and Non-AC Deluxe room when you stay at the cottage.”

The well-planned Sunderban wildlife tour of theirs will make it possible to view wildlife and, if lucky, even the Royal Bengal tiger. The tour makes it possible to witness wildlife and know the daily life and cultural heritage of the residents of Sundarban. Sitting by the side of a Bonfire during the evening, enjoying snacks and tea, you can watch the local folk song and dance. They also try to offer regional cuisines during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The tour will help you to know about Sunderban in totality.

If you are travelling with a group, you can expect to have a means of an affordable tour when you are with OD Travels. You do not require paying for group members below the age of four; for those between 4 to 8 the charge is 50%. They make it possible to have full use of the money you spend.

Even now, though the surge of the COVID-19 injection has subdued, they follow all COVID-19 precautions to make it possible to have a safe journey in the boats and cars.

About OD Travels

OD Travels is a part of OD Tours and Travels and is a reliable and reputed tour and travel organization. Since their inception in 2018, they have been organizing the best tours to Sunderban and other places of tourist interest in India. Call them at +919583-620-350 to plan your trip.

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