MrMarble Enables All To Have The Best Of Vanity Tops In Toronto At An Affordable Price

Ontario, 19 Oct. 21: If you wish to add natural stone to your bathroom in Toronto, then it is wise to think beyond tiles. Vanity tops in Toronto from MRMARBLE help to add elegance and enhance the beauty of your washroom. Having such a vanity top from them will make you feel like being in a spa or a powder room and not in a bathroom. They consider all aspects while offering the best vanity tops for your bathroom. Like if you need to have a vanity top in a high-traffic area, they make it possible to have one which is durable and requires low maintenance.

After having the preliminary discussion with you, they try to determine what nature of punishment the vanity top is going to have. If they notice that you intend to have one for a bathroom that all family members use, they would prefer to use granite, soapstone, quartzite or quartz. These materials are durable, impervious to water and require low maintenance, so they are suitable for a high-traffic area.

If they see that you wish to have a vanity top for a master bathroom or guest bathroom, they opt to use other materials.

One of the spokespersons of MRMARBLE said, “If we notice that the bathroom has moderate to light use then we opt to have the marble vanity top. As marble is an elegant and desirable stone, having a vanity top made of this stone will add elegance and enhance the beauty of your bathroom. We know that marble cannot encounter acidic solutions and are porous but then also we prefer to use it in bathroom vanity tops due to some reasons. We feel that in bathroom there is no chance of spilling acidic solutions and if re-sealing is done between 6 months to 1 year, then we can tackle the problem with porousness.”

As you decide which stone you desire to use, MRMARBLE considers how the finish will be. Polished stone looks elegant. However, the surface can have scratches more quickly, especially in a high-traffic bathroom. Therefore, they prefer to use honed stone as this nature has less probability of having scratches. However, this nature of stone is porous. MRMARBLE helps to mitigate this through proper use of sealing. According to them, a leathered finish is the best option. If you have a vanity top with a leather finish, no one will be able to see fingerprints or smudges. Moreover, it will also not have scratches quickly.

They also advise homeowners on the best method to clean the vanity tops. It is for sure a vanity top in a bathroom does not have such spills and messes as that of a kitchen. However, cleaning is required. They say that most of the bathroom cleaners and tools are harsh on stones. Keeping this in mind, they prefer to clean the tops with fresh water and a soft cloth.

They also said that one should not use hair dye over a vanity top. This is because the spill which may happen can cause permanent damage to the top.

MRMARBLE is a reliable, trusted and professional organization in Ontario helping to have a wide range of finest bathroom composite material. They can customize their products according to your specification, and you can have the products in desired size, colour and design. The primary objective of their business is to give life to the dreams that you have through their products. From their very inception, they have been a reliable and trusted organization for every homeowner, architect & designer, builder, and dealer & retailer. You can contact them at 905-669-3877 to discuss your requirements and have a quotation.

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