METAL MUSCLE Offers The Ultimate Strongman Yoke with Viking Press For Your Home & Commercial Gym

METAL MUSCLE is an Australian-owned premium strength equipment brand with a mission to support the growth of strength sports by offering products for all levels of training – from beginner, athlete to CHAMPION! All their equipment is engineered for optimum efficiency and tested by professional athletes for verified performance and safety.  Their range of weight training products is made to suit high-end home use, studios & gyms, and high-level competitions.  The Strongman Yoke with Viking Press is one of the most multifunctional pieces of equipment offered on the market and a must-have for any serious athlete.

METAL MUSCLE’s Elite Yoke with Viking Press is the ultimate piece of equipment that every serious lifter needs. Highly versatile, it can be converted for carrying, pushing, dragging, and can double as a squat rack and bench press rack, making it an all-in-one training station for home gyms, studios clubs as well as pro training facilities. Made from heavy-duty steel, it features quick-release lock pins, fully adjustable height for J-Cups and crossbar, additional pins for resistance bands, and four vertical weight pegs at the base that can be loaded up with METAL MUSCLE bumpers or weight plates. The thick crossbar can be easily adjusted and converted from a classic yoke carry or Zercher carries, to fat-grip pull-ups, and presses. The extra height allows additional high cross bars for pull-ups, hanging rings, etc., and added stabilization.

To diversify your strength training methods, attachments are available for purchase, including the Crucifix for static training and the High Bar with adjustable height of up to 5 meters for bag and barrel throws, etc. The Elite Strongman Yoke Viking Press can be used as a single stand-alone rack or arranged in multiple sets as a training system for group classes or competitions.

METAL MUSCLE produces high-quality products tailored to the specific requirements of sports federations and can be custom-built for individual club needs. By working with them, you can access one of the industry’s most significant and unique lines of strength training equipment. They focus on designing innovative functional training equipment that is built to last and requires little maintenance.  All their specialty fitness products are designed, engineered, and tested in-house at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  METAL MUSCLE is a sponsor and partner for several national sporting organizations and events within World Strongman, World Raw Powerlifting, International Functional Fitness, and World Obstacle federations.

On the vision and future of METAL MUSCLE, Mark Soo, Project Manager, has this to say, “With our decades of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment we created this brand especially to serve the fitness community, and to fill the void for mass-produced high-end equipment for Strongman, Powerlifting and Obstacle Sports.  Our key mission is to promote and build strength sports by providing professional-grade equipment to athletes, and competitions, as well as custom training systems for gyms and clubhouses.  Our equipment is renowned for its innovative designs, build quality, and overall durability! We invite people to check out our website to see the full range and follow our social media as we are constantly innovating and releasing new items.”

He further adds, “Our Elite Strongman Yoke with Viking press is the ultimate machine to add strength, build muscle mass, and a full body workout. We primarily designed this machine to aid in the standing press movement and deadlift– two common movements featured in Strongman competitions.  It allows the weight to be loaded onto the main pivot arm and to be pressed overhead, giving your body a great workout for either maximum weight or repetitions.  The lever can also be attached at the bottom end of the uprights to become a deadlift lever, simulating the car deadlift.  We do thorough testing and QC checks before we release our products to market.  Furthermore, all our equipment has been used and tested by athletes in real-time competitions.  We take deep care about our customer’s perspective and satisfaction and ensure maximum functionality and athlete usability”.

 About the company

METAL MUSCLE is a premium strength and obstacle sports brand for fitness & competition. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of weight training & gym equipment, the team is passionate about giving back to the sports community.  Join METAL MUSCLE in our goal of a healthier, fitter, and more sustainable future.