LOGiST Connects Shippers & Carriers On A Digital Freight Platform

Marketplace for Transport Providers in Perth

LOGiST, is an online logistics platform that empowers shippers and carriers to explore opportunities of doing business together.

The transport & logistic industry is presently undergoing a major overhaul with the aid of digitisation. Shippers, carriers, and logistics providers come together at the digital marketplace to offer and get info about each other’s needs. The growth of electronic marketplaces has assured to reduce transaction costs, offer superior visibility of freight movement, and decrease inadequacies in the present transportation & logistical processes.

“The idea of our digital marketplace is to connect carriers & shippers, into one working chain,, interact, and transport goods safely and reliably. All users have access to real-time info. Shippers can find carriers, choosing the most suitable by looking at metrics such as their ratings on the platform, and the number of delivered orders, and read feedbacks about them. Carriers, in their turn can make use of the platform to create orders, decrease fleet downtime via better planning, scale their business, control drivers, and decrease risk. Our platform empowers our customers by simplifying communications, offering end-to-end visibility and providing a sense of security” said a spokesperson for LOGiST.

Every carrier associated with us is a registered & verified carrier. Only after proper verification, a carrier can advertise their capacity and be able to quote on posted loads. This certainly increases the availability of shipping opportunities for shippers. We also make it easier for carriers to find loads. Through our platform you can advertise your service offerings and get connected with shippers looking to move freight. At LOGiST, you can make your own quote & deliver the load as you wish.At LOGiST there’s always a job available for carriers.

LOGiST is a trustworthy & reliable logistics platform that provides a sense of community for shippers & carriers to help their business grow. We connect shippers with carriers for all types of loads.

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