Jyothi Caterers make it easy to enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks at affordable prices


One of the first things you’ll want to think about is the food if you’re planning a corporate or wedding or celebrating any social occasion. The food served at such events is so special for both the guests and the organizer no matter the type & size of the event. Hence, you must find a wedding caterer who will be a good fit for the type of event you’ll be hosting. You can count on Jyothi Caterers as they are the best caterers in Hyderabad. You will love to have their special price list irrespective of your event. They help you in the right direction and can tailor their menus according to your budget. Jyothi Caterers have experience in catering for all sorts of functions in its unique way. With them, you can be assured of great enjoyment.

Choosing a reliable & experienced caterer is a big decision. Aside from the ceremony or events, people look forward to enjoying the food. Don’t choose a bad caterer as it may ruin your special day or disappoint your guests. For professional and experienced caterers in Hyderabad with an opposite price list, Jyothi Caterers provide you with the menus you’ll love. Their exceptional service guarantees that your special day goes off without a hitch. Their team of expert hospitality professionals believe that every event catering is special! So they start discussing every detail of clients catering requirements at the very outset of booking. Contact Jyothi Caterers today to schedule an appointment & discuss your menus, price list. 

“Hyderabad is a place where people have multiple preferences in dishes and flavours. Thus, we at Jyothi Caterers prepare ourselves in a way to light up any and every event and ceremony with plates full of taste and zest. We cater for the best in Hyderabad & offer the most budget-friendly price list. We are one of the established caterers in Hyderabad dedicated provide efficient catering for your service. We look into every possible aspect of the budget as far as our catering rate is concerned. We make you feel comfortable with your budget as well! You can consider us for our Indian cook that has expertise in preparing for different cuisines & our incomparable price list. You can hire us at your convenience. For over years we have strived to make every event special. We put all our best effort into ensuring your plates are filled up with undeniably exalted food service that makes your guests relish. You can rely on our team for your events or wedding as we provide delicious and unique dishes that are good enough to attract your guests. We are thankful to our long-term clients for their years of continued patronisation. We like to welcome new clients to make us a part of their families. We assure to give our very best to make every wedding or corporate event as special to you as they are to us.” Say a spokesperson for Jyothi Caterers.

About the company

Jyothi Caterers is a leading caterer in Hyderabad passionate about delivering delightful catering and cuisine to every client at the best price. They are the leading hospitality professionals, offer numerous menus with the best price list that are good enough to fulfil your catering needs.