How ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. makes it possible to have the best experience during Kenya safari in 2022?

ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. knows from their experience that it is indispensable to have a systematic understanding of every place in Kenya they choose for their safari destinations. First, they bring locals; have a solid grip of the geography and topography and the approachability and mode of travel required in getting there while organizing the best Kenya safari in 2022.

They also realize that it is your Kenyan safari, so they, at the very inception, try to understand what you desire. During the initial conversation, they try to know where you want to go, what you want to see, and how long you like to stay at a place during the safari. Then, after having a detailed concept of their client’s wishes, they plan their Kenya safari itinerary.

One of ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. spokespersons said, “We discuss in detail with our guests to be sure that we know their expectations so that we are in a position to meet those. We also understand that it is prudent to be clear about costs. Therefore, we include as much as possible in our safari quotes. So that our guests are not continually searching their purses to pay for “extras”.”

While organizing the best Kenya safari in 2022, they do not arrange for their guest’s stay in lodges or camps where they have not personally stayed. Instead, they initially understand what the lodge or camp can offer, and if it meets their guest’s expectations, then only they book that as a place to stay during the safari.

They also ensure that the safari guides are the best and are all local to the place where their guests are on a safari vacation. It is the same for the lodge staff. They ensure that the staff are cordial and welcoming, making their guests feel at home. They arrange the safari so that their clients can have the best wildlife viewing. Their game drive vehicles are safe and comfortable and offer a full view of the wildlife. They ensure that the vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized before each trip. Moreover, the seating arrangements in their safari vehicles are such that every passenger can have an outside seat.

They take care to offer the best food and drinks during the safaris. Therefore, it is for sure you will not find any chance to complain about their arrangement of food and beverages.


ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. is a reputed local tour operator to organize the best Kenya safari in 2022. Therefore, it is wise to contact them at +254 727 723 343 to know more about their safari tours.