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E Juice Store carries all the six fruit-flavored e juices from Nude that includes Nude BRS, Nude APK, Nude SCP, Nude GAS, Nude POM and Nude KRB.

(17th December 2019) –

Most of us crave for fruity flavors when it comes to experiencing vapes especially the newbies. However, even the most experienced vaper looks out for fruit-flavored e juices to reinvigorate their taste buds. And looking into the increasing demand for fruity flavors, a number of vape juice manufacturers are taking interest in manufacturing a variety of fruit flavored e juices. E Juice Store being a premier online store for e juices of all types understands the desire for fruity flavorful e juices hence carries a wide range of fruit flavored vape juices in its inventory. One of the most popular fruit flavored e juice manufacturers in their inventory is Nude.

Nude e juices are counted among the top fruit-flavored e juices. The manufacturer has six different innovative fruity e juices that are undeniably ripe with flavor. Each flavor at NUDE stands tall.Nude APK is a delicate merger of apples, pears, and kiwi. Nude BRSis a mouthwatering flavor that amalgamates the sweetness of blueberry, juiciness of raspberry, and freshness of strawberry flavorswill satisfy even the most intense berry cravings. Nude GASis a smashingly amazing concoction of fresh guavas, ripe apples, and sweet, crisp strawberries. Nude POM is a pleasantsweet and tangy combination of pineapple, orange, and mangowhich is ascrumptiousflavor till the last drop. Nude SCP is the delicious mixture of goodness of strawberry, coconut and pineapple creating a tart and tangy e-juice flavor. Nude KRB is the newest flavor in the lot that is a light combination of kiwi and raspberries offering a flavorful e juice. So if you love fruit flavors for vape then do try this lineup and have a fruity experience!

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