Ethiopian Properties Has Made Finding Reasonably Priced Rental Properties Possible While Severe Economic Recession Is Looming Globally

Ethiopian Properties negotiates with property owners to reduce rents and security deposits and makes it possible for tenants to find a house for rent in Addis Ababa easily at these tough times.

In a recently held press conference, Ethiopian Properties explained how they have made it possible for their clients to find the best of houses for rent in Addis Ababa at reasonable prices in light of  the great challenges the world is facingdue to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Afew number of professional realtors are helping renters in finding their dream condominiums, apartment suites, and rental homes in Addis Ababa. In any case, it is important to search for a reliable rental realtor in light of the fact that numerous realtors in Addis Ababaare more focused on purchasers and venders. Of course, you can find street brokers at every corner of Addis Ababa if you are willing to assume the risks that come with working with unlicensed vendors without known addresses.

Utilizing a rental realtor operating under the umbrella of Ethiopian Properties in an exceptionally tough market such as Addis Ababa can put a renter on an enormously favorable position. Each of their realtors have unlimited access to a large pool of properties submitted by 100+ members, which are partially listed on Their portfolio definitely consists of a lot more options than those handily revealed by Internet searchesat any given time. Their realtors have established good reputation and built personal relationships with key homeowners and developers over the years while working in some of the best neighborhoods in Addis Ababa and are always ahead of the market in includingunlisted units in their comprehensive and long portfolio of houses for rent in Addis Ababa and much more. While the world is faced with the enormouschallenge of fighting against the Covid-19 global pandemic and in the light of the fact that housing allowances of expatriates have seen significantcut, members of Ethiopian Properties are using their influence and expertise in the market to convince landlords to reduce prices and security deposits to ease off the burden on existing and potential tenants.

One of the spokespersons of Ethiopian Properties said, “Beyond giving tenants a leg-up in their hunt, we as the best real estate agency in Addis Ababa can likewise be an invaluable resource when negotiating terms and conditionsthat are fair and advantageous to our clients. At the point when singular proprietors are leasing apartments for rent in Addis Ababa, we can at times persuade them to lower rent and offer favorable payment schedules. We can also lessen or get a 100% waiver on  security deposits.”

Ethiopian Propertiesdeals with all types of real estate available in Addis Ababa. This includes both residential and commercial real estate for short or long-term lease as well as sale.They deal with residential real estate incorporatingstandard apartments, extra-spaciouscondominiums, luxury homes in exclusive gated communities, townhouses, duplexes, triple-deckers, quadplexes, high-end homes on large private grounds, multi-generational and country estates. Apartments for Rent in Addis Ababa and houses for rent in Addis Ababa makeup 60% of their overall business transactions every month.

Commercial real estate, which incorporates the rental and sales ofshopping malls, clinical and educational facilities,office buildings, hotels, warehouses, industrial shades and other kinds of workplaces is also a fast growing section of their business. In recent months, they have also started offeringfabricated structures and properties, which can be used as distribution centers, research facilities, storage, and an appropriation site of merchandise.They also specialize in facilitating acquisition of investment land in all kinds of zones, which includes empty land, working farms, and ranches.

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