There are many offshore accounting firms you can hire as a business owner. If you look at business owners of North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom, you will notice many depend on Escrow Consulting Group and have offshore bookkeeping services from them.

Escrow Consulting Group has qualities that make it possible to offer professional services and be dependable by many business organisations.

As a reputed offshore accounting company, they offer professional accounting services at reasonable pricing. A business organisation’s cost of having an in-house accounting team is more than Escrow Consulting Group’s charge for providing outsourced accounting. Their affordable pricing for offering professional services makes them a favoured outsourcing accounting firm for many business organisations.

They have skilled employees to make it possible to offer professional bookkeeping services. Mr Jahangir Mahmood, the brain behind Escrow Consulting Group, is a reputed chartered accountant and also have an additional degree in MBA Finance. He has more than eight years of experience in working with US-based companies of all sizes. They also have the best infrastructural facilities enabling them to offer the best of bookkeeping services. In addition, they backup vital financial data on secure remote servers, providing security to client data.

One of the spokespersons of Escrow Consulting Group said, “We understand that accounting involves different calculations and maintenance of strict deadline. We ensure that we never fail to submit our work on time. Any business organisation can rely on us to have security of their financial data that they share with us. We also make sure that our accounting service is flawless. Having our services, it will never happen that your in-house team will have to cross-check our calculations. We are also proud to say that we offer client-centric services. Though we are based in Dubai, we know about federal and state laws of various countries. We customise our services accordingly so that our clients situated in a different country have to worry about ensuring proper compliance,”

They also use the latest technologies to ensure effective and reliable bookkeeping services. They use major accounting platforms like Quickbooks, Xero, and Zoho Books. Not only that, they have an effective communication system in place to discuss with their clients in case of any necessities. They use Go to meeting, Skype and Google Hangouts to discuss essential issues with their clients.

Business entrepreneurs from all over the world depend on them to have varied nature of accounting services. With their bookkeeping services, one will not need to bother recording their financial transactions as the company grows. Business houses also save money as there will not be any need to train in-house staff on bookkeeping techniques. Finally, their payroll services enable their clients to avoid mistakes and ensure compliance with federal and state tax laws and regulations.

Business organisations also depend on Escrow Consulting Group for having account receivable and payable services. Their professional service makes it possible to maintain proper dealing of cash flow and improve the process and save time. They also help to close books on time as they provide accurate accounting records on time.

They also help their clients in the preparations of financial statements, year-end accounting and tax preparation.

About Escrow Consulting Group

Though Escrow Consulting Group is in Dubai, they have national and international clients depending on them to have professional bookkeeping services. They believe in competence, efficiency, privacy, fair dealing, integrity, expertise, inexpensive cost charging, and best output and results. Contact them at +971 554 018 657 to discuss your requirements to have accounting and bookkeeping services.