ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD organizes the best Kenya holiday safaris

If you desire to explore the Kenyan wilderness while having comfort and safety, it is wise to be with ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. They organize the best Kenya holiday safaris and customize them according to their client’s desires.

As soon as you land in Nairobi, they will meet and greet you and transfer you to a comfortable hotel in Nairobi. In actuality, after you land in Nairobi, it is their responsibility to take care of every aspect so that you enjoy comfort and safety.

They organize safari tours to almost all the national parks in Kenya. They have some pre-arranged tours; however, they can customize the tours accordingly if you desire. They will arrange for the best accommodation and mode of transport to ensure your safety and comfort. They never compromise on quality to make their safari tours look affordable.

When you are with them, the safari tours will not only help you to have a close encounter with wildlife, but you can also interact with the local tribe. You can spend a day with them, learn about their way of life, and understand their culture. In addition, their safari tours make it possible to understand the place overall. It will be an expedition to understand the culture and wilderness of the place you visit.

One of the spokespersons of ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTDsaid, “During our Kenya holiday safaris you will be our guest and we would arrange everything to ensure your comfort and safety. Though the main focus will be to explore wilderness, we would never compromise on safety and comfort. The lodges or hotels that you will stay in will be luxurious and comfortable and ensure your safety. Though in the lodges you will be close to nature you will never feel endangered.”

All their guides are local and have an adequate understanding of the wildlife of the place you visit. In addition, they know about the particular habits of wild animals. That knowledge will help them to take you to those spots where you can enjoy a close encounter with the wilderness without compromising safety.

With them you can be at Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara to enjoy your Kenya holiday safaris. Even when you are in Nairobi, they will arrange safari trips to Nairobi national park.


ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD is a reputed local tour operator organizing safari tours to almost all National Parks in Kenya. They have been doing so since 2014, and their long list of satisfied customers proves their excellence. So, it is for sure when you are with them, you will have a life-changing African experience. Call them at +254 727 723 343 to plan your safari trip.