Melon Kiwi Disposable Pod

07 July 2022 – Cloud Nurdz is a brand that was created by two vape industry veterans that have a passion for creating quality blends that taste great. The brand first hit the market in 2016 with a couple of deliciously made blends. One of the more popular flavors is Peach Blue Razz, which has won several awards over the years. The company continues to create unique and flavorful blends that everyone loves.

Candy and fruit are a match made in heaven. We’ve all tried candied apples and candy corn and have been trying to recreate that flavor for years. Cloud Nurdz has finally done it. With the help of some amazing flavorists, Cloud Nurdz has crafted e-juices that taste just like the most popular candies of all time. Whether you’re a fan of Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts, Cloud Nurdz has you covered with.

Cloud Nurdz is centered around bringing a new level of charm to the vape game. By creating a line of e-juices that are centered around two flavor blends, Cloud Nurdz creates an experience that is simply unforgettable. The brand offers a number of different flavors, including Grape Apple, Watermelon Apple, Peach Blue Raspberry, and Grape Strawberry.

“We are excited to announce that we have added Melon Kiwi Disposable Pod by Cloud Nurdz Disposables to our vape collection. This is a disposable pod that provides an exceptional vaping experience with up to 3500 puffs. With a wide selection of 43 unique and bold flavors, this vape pod is sure to make your everyday feel like a trip to the beach. This disposable pod has been specifically crafted to provide the best possible experience to Cloud Nurdz customers, who seek styles and flavors on the go” said a spokesperson for

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