Ejuice Store Adds Moist by Confection Vape 60ml to its New Vape Juice List

Ejuice Store, a prominent name in the online vape supply industry offers quality e-juice like Moist by Confection Vape 60ml in its vape juice list.

1st April, 2020 – If you are wondering how to stop smoking cigarettes, then lets us tell you that you are not alone. Study shows that nearly 90 percent of present smokers have a hunger to kick their smoking addiction. The lucky truth is by putting forward a little bit of effort & devotion, anybody could eventually find out how to stop smoking cigarettes and leading a more healthy life as a recovering smoker. If you’re dead set on quitting, vaping can help you kick your tobacco addiction to the curb and stop smoking cigarettes forever.

The electronic cigarette is a smart device aimed at offering smokers with a healthier choice. Apparently also helpful in helping to reduce & indeed quit smoking altogether. Today e-cigs have turned out to be much more user friendly than earlier versions. An e-cig boasts a taste of tobacco but none of the injurious substances discovered in normal cigarettes letting smokers’ cravings to be satisfied without breathing in the dangerous toxins. A battery, an atomizer and a renewable nicotine chamber lets the smoker to hold & smoke the e-cig just as they’d any other cigarette, even creating a “smoke” like vapor & glow at the end as they draw. The nicotine compartment proves pretty helpful as cartridges are accessible in different strengths, allowing the vapers to decrease the volume of nicotine they intake until if they wish, can quit totally.

“For e-juice lovers, we always try our best to bring the best product and flavors out there. This time we’d like to introduce Moist by Confection Vape 60ml which will remind your of your favorite frosted lemon cake, topped with a light, velvet layer of scrumptious vanilla frosting. Available in a 60ml e-juice bottle in 3mg, and 6mg Nicotine Levels this vape juice is a must have for any flavor chaser who always want to experiment with their vaping options. Prepared with only the highest quality USA ingredients, this delicious vape juice is incredibly flavorful & exceedingly refreshing. Moist & fluffy, it’s complemented with the perfect amount of sweet lemon frosting, for a bright & scrumptious finish that’ll have your mouth watering with every draw. If you are looking for one of the most delicious & enlivening dessert vape juice out there today, you must give our Moist by Confection Vape 60ml a try” said a spokesperson of Ejuice Store.

Ejuice Store is a prominent name in the e-juice industry that takes the responsibility of delivering quality e-liquids and vape accessories to vapers across the globe.

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