E Juice Store Offers Dragon Punch by Humble Juice Co To The Fruity Flavor Chasers

E Juice Store – a top player in the vape juice industry offers Dragon Punch by Humble Juice Co to the fruity flavor chasers.

Whether considering it as a leisure pursuit, or using it as a replacement for traditional cigarette smoking, there’re all kinds of reasons why someone may consider starting to vape. Vaping is all about e-juice which is a liquid that’s generally employed in an e-cig/personal vaporizer. The e-cig heats up the vape juice & turns it into vapor which is then inhaled. Vape juice may or mayn’t feature nicotine and avails in hundreds of flavors to select from.

Vape juice generally feature a blend of PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), Nicotine, Ethyl Alcohol, Distilled Water and Flavoring. Not all vape juice contain the same proportion of PG to VG mixture, and while some e-liquid employ flavorings other may employ extracts which are more complicated and expensive to make. Vape juice differs from simple single flavors to complicated multi flavors that taste different from inhale, to exhale, and finally the after taste. Some unusual ingredients such as caffeine and vitamins have been integrated into vape juices as well.

Considering PG and VG are the 2 most widespread ingredients in vape juice, they account for nearly 90 percent of the content in the bottle. The residual 10 percent contains the nicotine & flavoring. Many affordable vape juices employ food-grade ingredients and package their vape juices in plastic bottles. Quality vape juices may use more than one food grade flavor extract and wrap their vape juices in glass containers with stylish packaging.

“We are known for our extensive collection of vape juices that belongs to different brands and manufacturers. If you are looking for a fruity punch that contains dragon fruit and strawberry, we would definitely recommend our Dragon Punch by Humble Juice Co 120ml (2x60ml). This e-juice will offer you the best of both worlds as it packs so much flavor inside it. On the inhale you will feel like a dragon fruit was just squeezed on your tongue with unlimited sweet & creamy flavor. After vaping this e-liquid you will think you had a mouth full of rejuvenating fruit punch” said a spokesperson for E Juice Store.

E Juice Store is a familiar name in the vaping industry as it deals with high quality vape supplies such as vape liquids and mods from world’s most renowned manufacturers.

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