Discover the Wonders of Masai Mara on an Exciting Game Drive with Drunken Elephant Mara

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Drunken Elephant Mara focuses on the finer aspects of the safari game drive in Masai Mara. For the discriminating traveler, they act as a gateway. Drunken Elephant Mara provides information on the most demanding Masai Mara game that drives the luxurious safari camps, and lodges you deserve. With them, you will not only meet the expert guides and staff but the real people in their everyday lives. They possess superlative knowledge of Masai Mara game drives. They have an outstanding familiarity with varied destinations, languages, and knowledge to make your Masai Mara game drives exceptional. 

Drunken Elephant Mara has the experience and expertise to guarantee a seamless safari game drive in Masai Mara. Their careful on-the-ground planning demonstrates a genuine understanding of the needs and desires of each traveler. They help you visit the wildernesses you dream of, in a way and at a time most convenient to you. Their excellent accommodation, add-on activities, and game drive safari have a superlative value for your money. 

A spokesperson at Drunken Elephant Mara says during an interview “Going on a game drive safari in Masai Mara is a lifetime dream for numerous travelers around the globe. We help you submerge yourself in the unharmed wilderness of nature and abundant game drive. We help you see the marvelous sunrise over the never-ending Savana and lose the track of time. Come join us to forget the entire worries associated with your day-to-day life. We assure you realize it after taking a glimpse of game drives in natural serenity. We offer the knowledge, experience, contacts, and personal presence to make your trip easier. We can give you unrivaled access to the game drive safari in Masai Mara that you can hardly forget.”

He further added “All our safari camps overlook the fantastic view of the park. You can already watch the animals moving around. We let you experience romance around the campfire in the evening. It enables you to take in the view of the boundless horizon with stunning sunsets. We offer a first-rate level of personalized safari game drive in Masai Mara. On your desired day, time, and location, we are available for an appointment consultation over the phone or in person.  We ensure the perfect match between prospective customers and their dream Masai Mara game drives & destinations. Kindly get in touch with us now for a quote.” 

About the company

Drunken Elephant Mara is an owner-run safari camp located 2 km from The Maasai Mara National Reserve. They are a well-established safari company offering the best deals on Masai Mara game drives, camping tours, and several other safari expeditions in Kenya! They offer tailored Masai Mara game drive tour packages covering the world-renowned national park Masai Mara. They are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention to every detail and utmost professionalism making sure that you get great value for your money.

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