Deggy’s guard tour software gain visibility over workforce tour & a better peace of mind

2nd March 2022 Deggy designed and developed the most accurate and efficient AI guard tour software that offers extended functionality for the guard’s management system. Their Artificial intelligence guard tour software can add value to virtually every area of society. It is a unique security guard management software that allows you to download your information, program the data, generate custom reports and manage files under one platform. You can use it anywhere you wish and at any time you wish. The only thing you need is internet access, and a laptop or a mobile or any smart device. Every client has a specific need, and with Deggy Guard tour software you can set tasks at each location that must be completed. They help customers do more and empower their people through efficiency-enhancing technology.

Deggy’s automated, & interactive guard tour software can easily be integrated with any security system. It makes the officers efficient while making the rounds and provides backup documentation. Besides that, Deggy’s guard tour system allows the management to monitor the performances of the security officers on duty. Hence it helps in preventing costly losses such as theft, vandalism, corporate surveillance, destructive accidents in the entire facility and more. It helps in keeping an eye on the position of security guards ensuring to remain efficient at their tasks. One can manage an unlimited number of sites with Deggy’s AI-based guard tour software. Like the all-in-one, Deggy Control Software one can upgrade the guard tour software version for free.

“We are the only company in the industry that designs, codes, and supports our own AI security guard tour software.It ensures that all security systems are fully compatible. We provide the most innovative guard tour software with a comprehensive workforce management solution. Our guard tour software is a straightforward guard administration programme that allows you to download tour data, create custom reports, and manage files.From a single, easy-to-use guard management package. Our guard tour software can convert stored data from the tours into useful, detailed, printable reports by time, day, week, and month. Our guard tour software is a solution for many tours. It allows you to create & schedule flexible guard tours hours throughout the day. It ensures guards are always at your client’s location. It is easy to use and one can operate it with simple training. Hence implementing it is easy. We ensure there is no confusion between Incidents, Tasks, and Activities across the work modules. With this flexible and easy to maintain the feature, you’ll outperform the competition. We hope using our guard tour software will improve your experience. We always welcome you. Reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.” Say a spokesperson for Deggy.

About the company

Deggy is a leading name in the security industry and is known for high-quality guard tour software that offers a great level of flexibility. It maximizes efficiency while maintaining its hallmark simplicity of use. To know, more visit