Custom Hair By Catherine Offers Premium & Zero Maintenance Halo Hair Extensions In Nyc

Finally – great quality hair extensions that everybody can afford. Halo Hair Extensions is ready & waiting to give everyone a better hair day. The Halo Clip In hair extensions are an ideal & easy way to create instant length or volume. In less than 5 minutes a full head of luscious locks can be clipped in, offering you that little but of confidence for first day at work nerves or infusing a little glamour to your Saturday night outfit. What is more the clip in Halo extensions won’t cause any damage to your natural hair the day-after-the-night-before as they’re simply clipped out.

Halo hair extensions are not permanent, so you can put it in & out of your hair yourself whenever you wish. They also don’t cause any damage to your natural hair, which means you can persist with growing & maintaining your hair in the interim. They’re so simple to use & are an ideal thing for those who’ve never worn extensions before. They can be applied by following a couple of easy steps & you don’t have to worry about the extensions showing or falling out of the hair like clip-ins. Also you don’t require any tool except a rattail comb. There’s almost zero maintenance when it’s about halo extensions except for of course, taking care of them.

Halo extensions add length to even the shortest hair. They infuse volume to those with thin, lifeless hair. They’re available in a wide range of shades to make sure that you get a perfect match to your taste and personality. This type of hair extensions is super comfortable and you’ll perhaps forget that you’re even wearing them. With the thin, clean nylon wire the even weight distribution of halo extensions makes it perfect for all day comfort.

“We offer halo hair extensions in NYC that are custom made to fit your head perfectly match your hair color. We offer a wide range of textures and wave patterns keeping your hair type in mind. Whether your hair is silky straight, naturally curly, fine & wavy, or somewhere in between, we’ve the perfect halo hair extensions to work for you! These hair extensions are a must-try if you want to add length or volume to your hair. It is also ideal for women who’re growing out damaged hair. Women who’ve hair that has thinned out on the top can take advantage of this hair extensions method as well” said a spokesperson for Custom Hair By Catherine.

About the company:

Custom Hair By Catherine is a prominent hair salon in NYC that specializes in a wide range of hair extensions methods including halo hair extensions. They also specialized in tape-in hair extensions, hand tied sew in hair extensions, and ponytail hair extensions.