Ceramic Tiling Tools Stocks Tiling Trowels of All Varieties for Both DIYers & Contractors

Ceramic Tiling Tools, a leading supplier of tiling tools supplies tiling trowels of all varieties to both contractors and DIYers in the UK and Ireland.

A DIY tiling project is not just a fun & productive way to spend your spare time, but also an excellent way to save on a beautiful home upgrade. We are very certain that laying tile is something that everybody can accomplish with the right tool.

One of the most important yet most disregarded items for a successful DIY tile project is the appropriate tiling trowel. It is not as straightforward as just using any old trowel and anticipating to enjoy great outcomes. No doubt, at their most basic level you require a piece of metal with a handle that is employed to apply adhesive for your tiles, but choosing the correct tool is vital to the successful bonding & the durability of your tiles.

Tiling trowels are special variants of masonry trowels. They include a metal plate akin to a regular masonry trowel and they have notches as well. A tiling trowel is a masonry trowel with notches for the purpose of hard pointing, cutting grooves and scraping other tasks. The shape of the notches usually varies based on its intended use. The notches on the tiling trowel are intended to allow a user to lay floor tiles onto either floor screeds or pre-existing tiles with ease.

“Whether you are looking for tiling trowels with V-shaped notches, U-shaped notches, or square notches, we have it all. Our wide range of tiling trowels is sure to have everything you require for your project. We are happy to help you find what you need, affordably priced, without compromising on quality. If you require help picking your tiling trowel, our friendly customer supper team is always ready to guide. Since we are stocking only the prestigious Raimondi brand, you can rest assured that our products are finished to the highest standard” said a spokesperson for Ceramic Tiling Tools. Available here.https://www.ceramic-tiling-tools.co.uk/collections/trowels.

About the company:

Ceramic Tiling Tools is the online shop for the prestigious Raimondi brand of tiling tools including  tile cutters, tile wet saws, bridge saws, trowels, tilers wash buckets, diamond blades, grouting tools, tile leveling system and much more. They proudly supply their tiling tools in the UK and Ireland region.