Bharati Polychem Pvt Ltd offers affordable, high-performance UNICLEANPLUS™ purging products specific to your needs. Their commercial purge compound representative can answer any questions. They are happy to assist you in selecting the best purging compound for your machine and applications.

Bharati Polychem Pvt Ltd has years of experience in developing purging compounds for extruders. Their purging material for extruders is formulated to solve your purging problems. UNICLEANPLUS™ is their speciality purging compound formulated to work effectively on “all processes, all colours, and all resins within a temperature range 340°F to 610°F including hot runner manifolds. They are fairly priced and help your plant increase your profit margins substantially. Regardless of your process, industry, or resins, UNICLEANPLUS™ is your best choice for maximizing profitability. Sustainability is the mission of UNICLEANPLUS™. It will reduce scrap and downtime as well. They recognize what is important, and deliver the best that are tailored and cost-efficient.

If you think you’re saving your company money by using cheap alternatives to UNICLEANPLUS™, think again! Such purging compounds for extruders are worth the money because they work. It is a useful component for injection moulders, extruders, and blow moulders used in the plastic industry. It will dramatically reduce scrap and downtime. The UNICLEANPLUS™ purging compound for extruders is designed to tackle your toughest processing challenges. It will make an immediate impact on your profitability. They have expanded their product line to accommodate customers who use various applications for their manufacturing.

A few words from a spokesperson at Bharati Polychem Pvt Ltd during an interview “Our fundamental objective is to provide our customers with the most effective purging compounds on the market today. Our future lies in the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations by anticipating and addressing their needs. We do it through the provision of top-notch solutions, timely delivery, and exceptional service. Our unwavering integrity has garnered us a strong reputation, earning the respect and trust of partners worldwide. Through proactive measures and fostering transparent relationships, we strive to foster growth and success through collaborative teamwork with all those we serve. Send us your request for a quote and experience our first-hand customer service.”

He further added “The strength of Bharati Polychem Pvt Ltd lies in understanding the challenges faced by the industry. We work very closely with our clients to address their concerns. We ensure a feasible solution for all our clients. We work to the same high standards as our clients, allowing them in turn to improve their business performance. With our competitive pricing and excellent products UNICLEANPLUS™ we can help your company become more competitive in today’s plastic market. We always go one step further in ensuring that our customers are very satisfied with our products and services. We believe that establishing and sustaining a lasting business partnership is achieved by delivering excellent value for money.”

About the company
Bharati Polychem Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of the number one brand of purging compounds. The premium quality purging compound brand they produce is called UNICLEANPLUS™. UNICLEANPLUS™ brand purging material for the extruder. They are uniquely positioned to help you achieve and exceed your process efficiency goals.