As the preferred non-woven bag dealers & traders in Bhubaneswar, DD Enterprises offers you assurance of quality.

Non Woven Bag

There are many dealers of non-woven bags in Bhubaneswar; however, almost all rely on DD Enterprises for their supply of such bags. It is not that they do so without any reason.

DD Enterprises is the reputed and reliable non-woven bag dealers & traders in Bhubaneswar as they make it possible to have varied nature of quality bags within the stipulated time, paying an affordable rate.

It is possible to have non-woven bags in W cut, D cut, and loop handle. Other dealers in Bhubaneswar also make it possible to have such bags; however, DD Enterprises stand apart because of the maintenance of quality and the timely delivery of the bags. 

They have a dedicated quality assurance team that ensures quality maintenance and does not allow the bags to leave their warehouse before they give a clearance certificate. They also ensure timely delivery of the orders. They make sure that they understand their clients’ requirements and ensure that they deliver the products within time. 

One of the spokespersons of DD Enterprises said, “We not only ensure timely delivery but also ensure that our clients can have desired customization. We take utmost care to print their desired text on the bag so that when any of their clients uses the bag it happens to be a moving billboard for them.”

The process of placing the order and making the payment is pretty simple. One can be at their site or call them to place the order. It is possible to pay using the secured payment gateway or UPI payment methods. 

Another aspect that distinguishes DD Enterprises from the others is the affordability of the products. For example, a kilogram of non-woven W-cut plain bags will cost only Rs 175 per kg. Likewise, the other variety of bags is also priced affordability. Other dealers and traders can’t match this price. Moreover, as they are at present offering non-woven carry bags for sales in Bhubaneswar, it is possible to have their quality products at a much cheaper rate.

The non-woven carry bags you can have from them are eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. So, by having non-woven bags from them, you play your part in saving the environment from further damage.

About DD Enterprises 

DD Enterprises started its journey in 2020 and, within this short period, has gained the reputation of being a reliable dealer and trader of non-woven bags. It is possible to have bags in varied colours, widths, lengths and thicknesses according to the requirement of their clients. Call them at 8260500541to discuss your need for non-woven bags.