American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC is an industry leader in the installation, maintenance and repair of commercial and residential flagpoles in West Palm Beach. For over 4 decades, they’ve been delivering exceptional service to their customers.

“You’ve done the research, you’ve toured the lots and chosen your spot. Now it’s time to get a flagpole for your home or business. Where do you start? Trust our experienced team to do things right the first time. When you need to install a flagpole, we can take care of everything from excavating to pouring the foundation. We’ll even lift and set the flagpole so it’s ready for your next patriotic celebration” said a spokesperson for American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC.

With time, flagpole ropes and cables will wear out and need to be replaced. Schedule a service call with us, and our knowledgeable field technicians will re-rope the flagpole, replace worn out accessories, such as snaps & vinyl covers, and raise fresh flags.

When you need to service or repair your flagpole, we have you covered. Our experts offer a wide range of services from straightening the banner halyard to replacing the gold ball ornament. We also provide quality flagpoles and accessories at competitive prices to help you get the most out of your existing flagpole or choose an option for a new one.

Working in some of the most challenging historical properties, we’ve developed a reputation for ourselves in the field of removing and replacing flagpoles. Our experienced technicians specialize in installation and repair of flagpoles from 30’ to over 100’ in height. We can install either permanent or portable flagpoles on virtually any surface, including flat roofs. You can count on us for professional Flagpole Installation and Repair in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

About the company:

Serving the lighting and sign needs of South Florida, American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC also offer prompt Flagpole Installation and Repair in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Their fully experienced team possess years of experience in supplying hassle-free solutions to your flag & flagpole needs.

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