SHITUO Specializes In Manufacturing & Supplying Quality Welding Fume Extractors

SHITUO is one of the paramount welding fume extractor producers with well-equipped production premises where they produce high-end fume extractors! The ST-T-12 Welding Fume Extractor they produce can eliminate fumes created at the time of welding. His highly engineered fume extractor can control any type of fume successfully and create pollution-free work. This is the […]

Shituo – The Ultimate Online Hub for a Wide Range of Solder Fume Extractors

Your employees spend 40 hours or even more for a week in your workspace. It means much of the air they breathe could be polluted by industrial processes. Fume extraction systems are crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere. Of course, not all solder fume extractor systems are equal. You need not only the […]