American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC Offers Reliable Electrical Panel Upgrades Throughout South Florida

Your house is equipped with an electrical service panel that controls the different electrical circuits in the system. If your panel is over twenty years old, or if you have been experiencing inadequate power all through your house, it may be time for electrical panel upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade at the right time is essential to safeguard your house from many electrical mishaps. The board connects to different circuits, each of which has a circuit breaker that allocates power to all the electrical components all through a building. The breaker trips & disconnects the electric supply when there is a surge of current, prompting the danger of overheating the lines and catching fires. 

The most obvious indication that you require a service upgrade is when your electrical circuits just cannot keep up with your requirements. If you’ve to unplug one appliance to use another without tripping the breaker, or if specific activities make your lights to flicker, you are possibly overburdening your electrical panel. Even if you’re not undergoing continuous losses of service, however, you might be ready for a panel upgrade. If your present service panel has less than 200 amps of electricity attainable, or if your panel has screw-in fuses, the system is outdated. As a general rule, if your home is over twenty years of old, it is worth looking for an electrical panel upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is not a DIY project. Fixing & upgrading the electrical wiring for a whole property is really complex and there is a lot at stake if it is not performed properly. Moreover, working with electrical wiring have the danger of electrocution, as well as being a fire hazard. Unless you’re trained in electrical system repair & installation, call our professional electrician for your upgrade. Irrespective of the reason behind your need for electrical panel upgrades, we can help you with it. Schedule a home electrical inspection with us. We will measure how much power is being consumed on the circuit, and properly inspect the electrical panel to ensure it is safe, if it is not functioning correctly or it has to be expanded, our pro electricians can set up a new panel that’ll surpass your state & local regulations” said a spokesperson of American Lighting & Electrical Services. 

About the company:

American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC has been meeting the lighting and sign needs of South Florida for more than forty years. Their specializations includes commercial & residential electrical services, outdoor lighting services, pole light repair, generator repair, etc.