Alaska Photo Adventure offers 2-day, 4-day, and 7-day excursions to capture Alaska’s stunning landscapes and wildlife. These tours offer photography enthusiasts to capture Alaska’s diverse wildlife, including special bear viewing adventures.

Anchorage, Alaska – May 22, 2024 – Alaska Photo Adventure, a premier provider of Alaska Photo Tours, is excited to announce its upcoming 7-day, 4-day, and 2-day tours in 2024. With limited space available on select dates, photographers and nature enthusiasts alike are invited to join these unique expeditions and capture the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of America’s largest state.

The 7-day tours will take place from June 19 to 25, June 23 to 29, July 1 to 7, July 3 to 9, July 12 to 18, July 21 to 27, July 30 to August 5, and August 8 to 14. Availability varies, with some dates already full or near capacity, reflecting the high demand for these immersive experiences.

For those seeking a shorter adventure, 4-day Alaska photo tours are scheduled for June 13 to 16, June 17 to 20, July 1 to 4, August 7 to 11, and August 17 to 20. Limited spaces are available for many of these dates, with some already on a waitlist.

Additionally, 2-day Alaska photo tours are available on select dates, offering land wildlife tours around Anchorage, Seward, Turnagain Arm, Chugach National Forest, and the Upper Kenai Peninsula. These tours include optional half-day marine mammal cruises and helicopter aerials over fjords and glaciers. Dates for these tours include June 2 to 3, June 6 to 7, June 9 to 10, July 11 to 12, August 7 to 8, and August 22 to 23, with several dates already fully booked.

“Alaska Photo Adventure’s tours are designed to provide maximum photo opportunities and unforgettable experiences in some of Alaska’s most scenic locations. The company prides itself on its adaptability, with alternative options available to ensure a seamless experience despite weather or other conditions” said a spokesperson for Alaska Photo Adventure.

About Alaska Photo Adventure:

Alaska Photo Adventure is a premier provider of photo tours in Alaska, offering a range of expeditions designed to capture the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of America’s largest state. With expert guides and flexible itineraries, each guest receives a unique and immersive experience.